Madeira Airports And Madeira Airport Code

Madeira Airport (FNC Portugal airport code for the city of Funchal), also known as Funchal Airport or Funchal Madeira airport, is in Santa Cruz on the island of Madeira. And there is a second on the neighbouring island: Porto Santo airport (PXO).

Airports in Madeira have an important tourism movement of holidays to Madeira from all over Europe and is essential to cargo serving the entire archipelago.

Runway Madeira

Madeira Airport runway opened on 8 July 1964, with a runway measuring 1600 metres. The first Madeira Island landings of aeroplanes on the island of Madeira go back to 1957.

The airport in Madeira received new connections with the Portuguese continent as the boat carried the voyages out up to that point.


In 1972, we inaugurated a new terminal to accommodate 500,000 passengers per year.

In 1986, the length of the runway went up to 1800 metres.

However, it became necessary to extend the runway, and in 2000 we inaugurated the 2781 metres extension, partly over 180 pillars in the sea.


Today, it has yet to be approved for Airbus 380.

It is practically the main door for tourists to Madeira and postal companies, express orders, and some large companies.

It is one global airport for arriving and departing flights.

runway MADEIRA

In the first phase, Maderia Airport expanded the 1600 meters to 1850 (50 to the west and 200 to the east), partially with 60 meters high pillars (on the ocean).

Phase two of airport Madeira was one of the most challenging in the world because of the terrain and topography.

In 2004, the World Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) awarded the 2004 IABSE Excellent Construction Award to important civil engineering structures worldwide.

How is Madeira runway airport related to bridges? The technique used was the same as bridges, meaning a much broader platform supported by pillars.

Madeira International Airport (known as Aeroporto da Madeira) was the first Portuguese “bridge” to receive the “Nobel Prize” for engineering the growth of Madeira Airport.

airport madeira airlines 

  •     Air Nostrum
  •     Austrian Airways
  •     Azores Airlines
  •     British Airways
  •     Brussels Airlines
  •     Condor Flugdienst
  •     EasyJet Airlines
  •     EasyJet Europe
  •     EasyJet Switzerland
  •     Edelweiss Air
  •     Eurowings
  •     Finnair
  •     Lufthansa
  •     Luxair
  •     Norwegian
  •     Norwegian Air Intl
  •     SAS Scandinavian
  •     TAP Portugal
  •     Transavia
  •     Transavia France
  •     TUIfly Germany

Transfers from and to Airport Madeira

Do you need a transfer from Madeira Airport to Funchal or elsewhere on Madeira Island? We also organise departures for Madeira Airport. Click here to open our contact form and ask for availability and price.

Transfers around Madeira Island:

  • Cabo Girao Madeira   
  • Calheta Madeira
  • Camacha       
  • Camara de Lobos Madeira    
  • Canical
  • Caniço
  • Cr7 Museum  
  • Cristo Rei Madeira     
  • Curral das Freiras      
  • Estreito da Calheta    
  • Faja da Ovelha Madeira        
  • Funchal Portugal        
  • Funchal Madeira
  • Jardim do Mar Portugal         
  • Machico Madeira       
  • Madeira Funchal        
  • Madeira Machico       
  • Madeira Santa Cruz   
  • Monte Funchal
  • Nuns Valley Madeira  
  • Paul do Mar Hotel Madeira
  • Ponta de São Lourenço         
  • Ponta Delgada Beaches        
  • Ponta do Sol Madeira
  • Porto da Cruz Madeira
  • Porto Moniz Madeira  
  • Porto Moniz Natural Pools     
  • Ttransfer to the Ferry Boat to Porto Santo Island       
  • Portos Pick Up
  • Praia Formosa
  • Prazeres        
  • Ribeira Brava Madeira
  • Santa Cruz Madeira   
  • Santana Village          
  • Sao Vicente Madeira  
  • Seixal  Eira do Serrado
  • And much more places…

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